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Managed Cyber Security

The Bad Guys Keep Getting Better At Breaking Through Defenses

Simple, Affordable Cyber Security Solution For Your Business

Small businesses (especially their employees) are tempting targets for cybercriminals.

We focus on preventing both internal and external threats.

Defensor by Techroe gives you the protection you need

Real-time protection from hackers & ransomware keeps your data safe
Intrusion detection identifies & eliminates threats to your network
Security awareness training for employees to avoid phishing attacks

Combination Lock

Ransomware and Malware Protection

Phishing is the most common way for hackers to infiltrate your company’s network. The disguise emails or text messages as a reputable business or trusted individual to capture confidential company information, such as usernames, passwords, or financial information.

It’s critical you are protected from ransomware that encrypts all your files and demands ransom for recovering the data back! We can help monitor behavior patterns to detect all types of malware, not just ransomware.

Defensor significantly reduces your exposure to malware and chances your employees will open phishing emails with:

Advanced endpoint protection secures workstations & laptops
Real-time detection and elimination of ransomware
Block malicious link & websites protects employees on the internet
Ability to restore data if unauthorized changes/deletions are made

Intrusion Detection and Threat Prevention

Hackers work round the clock 24×7…so should your defenses. Defensor monitors your network traffic for suspicious activity and issues alerts when such activity is discovered. We actively work to block sources of attacks to keep you safe.

Advanced firewalls block unauthorized access to your network
Sending an alarm to the administrator
Blacklisting countries and other sources
Killing suspicious connections

Alarm Clock

Security Awareness Training

60% of small businesses cite employee negligence as the cause of data breaches. In fact, the Keeper Security/Ponemon Institute’s small and medium size businesses report shows employee error is responsible for the most data loss incidents per year. While these mistakes are usually unintentional, the fact remains that your staff is the most vulnerable part of your cybersecurity defenses.

Defensor tests and educates your team to be vigilant and understand the best practices for maintaining data security.

Ongoing phishing simulations test and educate your staff
Comply with SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and other regulations
Easy to understand training courses and videos
Training reports show user progress so accountability is clear

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